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(My)shuno! 2014 Card

Myshuno Complete

I finished up my card this morning. I like all these prompts and already have several ideas for a couple of them. I took at least one prompt from anyone who left me one. I thought thast only fair.
I am excited and nervous to get started. I don't consider myself a writer, really, and there is no way I could put a whole story together, but I love to write drabbles. Hopefully I can get several of these done and at least claim Myshuno!
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Myshuno! 2014

I don't even think I know how to post at LJ anymore, but...

I signed up for Myshuno! over at Simspiration. If you feel like leaving me a prompt feel free to do so HERE

I'll be writing for my "Just Pleasatview" neighborhood over at my Tumblr, so pretty much anything involving that neighborhood.

I've never signed up for anything so formal as this, but I am excited to try it out.