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woohoo underwear

Holleyberry's Sim Stories

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New Header
woohoo underwear
Just wanted to share the new Header at my Tumblr

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I love it. :) And so interesting to fit some of your makeover shots together like that.

I wanted to do one like this a while back (I found some old notes of mine) with some characters from Strangetown. This might inspire me to do it one day.

It was really a spur of the moment thing hile I was thinking of changing my theme on Tumblr. I am glad it turned out okay, but i spent way to much time on it :)

Thanks Jo!
I really miss chatting. Maybe I'll see you in Box or on AIM soon.

I haven't been to box in ages, don't know why, maybe because it had been really slow so I started doing other things at the time I used to go on. You'll have to let me know when you will be on.

That's awesome! Hipster Don and Mike/Dina yay! I'd like to do something like that on my tumblr, but I have no idea how so I might hit you up later to figure it out.

Hipster Don rules and I am really enjoying playing Dina and Mike.
It is really easy to add a header to tumblr. Maybe i'll hit you up on how to add one to my LJ.

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